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Published: Aug 24, 2011
Rihanna Oral Sex Tape Vid Obtained With Rapper J Cole
by Jim Brogan

Rihanna and Rapper J. Cole reportedly have a sex tape. According to reports, screenshots show a fiery redhead woman giving oral sex to Rapper J Cole.

And we alreadly know she's a freak after the release of photos of her getting naked for Chris Brown and sending nude photos to him a year or two back.

Mediat Takeout reported, "And the insider sent in SCREEN SHOTS . .. which showed a woman with FIERY RED HAIR (that resembled Rihanna) giving BRAIN to a man resembling J Cole. How can we be so SURE that this is Rihanna and J Cole. Well we can't . . . but we can say that J Cole LOST HIS PHONE yesterday. And he and Rihanna were ON TOUR for a few months earlier in the year."

RadarOnline reported, "We know whips and chains excite her, now the rest of Rihanna's saucy secrets are set to be spilled as Hustler insist to that there is a sex tape of the star.

In an exclusive statement the porn magazine claims they have an intimate video which allegedly features the S&M singer and rapper J-Cole. "Hustler are in possession of the Rihanna and J-Cole tape," said a rep for the adult company. "We have seen it and we do not know what we are going to do with it yet."

J Cole opened for Rihanna during her 2011 Loud Tour. She also made a cameo in his music video "Can't Get Enough" ... that's what she said.

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