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Published: Sep 5, 2011
Bethenny Frankel 'Whole Foods' Ban: Cocktail Has Sodium Benzoate, Gives Cancer? (PHOTO)
by Toshiba Reynolds

Bethenney Frankel's cocktail drink from Skinny Girl has been yanked off shelves in Whole Foods stores this week. According to reports, the drink could be toxic and could cause cancer.

A spokesperson for Beam Global told E! News that Frankel's diet margarita has a very small amount of food preservative. It has sodium benzoate in the cocktail mix. And here is the part that gets fuzzy, dieticians believe that sodium benzoate may cause cancer if mixed with Vitamin C.

Skinnygirl Margarita released this statement today, "Skinnygirl Margarita meets the highest quality standards, is as natural as it can be while meeting consumer expectations for shelf stability, and we stand by it 100%. In order to keep the product as fresh as possible, an incredibly small amount of a very commonly used FDA-approved beverage preservative is added. Skinnygirl is made with as few ingredients as possible and its flavor ingredients are indeed natural."

Whole Foods rep said in a written statement, "This product had been offered in about a dozen of Whole Foods Market's 310 stores. After discovering that it contains a preservative that does not meet our quality standards, we have had to stop selling it."

Frankel released this statement to Access Hollywood, "Skinnygirl cocktails were created to solve a problem: to create a line of guilt-free cocktails allowing women to drink the indulgent drinks they actually want to drink with as few ingredients as possible. I'm not making wheatgrass here. If I could put an agave plant and some limes on a shelf I would. [The Skinnygirl Margarita] is as close to nature as possible, while still being a shelf-stable product."

Yikes! Sounds like the Skinny Girl drink will suffer some serious issues if it isn't allowed in stores. (c) tPC

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