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Published: Sep 6, 2011
Largest Crocodile Ever Captured 28 Feet 4 Inches (PHOTO)
by Staff

The largest crocodile ever captured was 28 feet and 4-inches long. It was shot on the MacArthur Bank of the Norman River in Queensland, Australia.

The crocodile was captured by a woman named Mrs. Kris Powloski in 1957. Her husband, Ron Powloski, was a crocodile expert and measured the body. There is no photo that knowingly exists, this photo is of the recently caught 21 foot crocodile as an example. However you can get more info on the couple and the monster crocodile they caught by going here.

The largest formally recorded was a 23-foot crocodile in the Bhitarkanika National Park in the Orissa state of India. Guinness World Records lists the record-holder at 18-feet-long.

Recently authorities in the Philippines have caught a wild 21-foot croc. UPI reported, "Searches began in marshes of Agusan del Sur province after the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center announced on Monday the huge saltwater crocodile, weighing 600-pounds, had been caught, GMA News reported Tuesday. The crocodile is believed to be the largest in captivity."

It took 21 days to catch the crocodile and twice it escaped traps by chewing through them.


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