Published: Sep 17, 2011
Richard Pryor Married 7 Times To 5 Women (PHOTOS)
by Staff

Richard Pryor married 7 times to 5 women - Celebrities with multiple marriages: We all know that the love lives of celebrities move at the speed of light.

They've all been married more than once, but which stars have said 'I do' the most times?

Richard Pryor married to 5 women:

1. Patricia Price (1960-1961) (divorced) with 1 child named Richard Pryor, Jr.

2. Shelly Bonus (1967-1969) (divorced) with 1 child named Rain Pryor.

3. Deborah McGuire ( September 22, 1977- 1979) (divorced)

4. Jennifer Lee (August 1981 - October 1982) (divorced)

5. Flynn Belaine (October 1986 - July 1987) (divorced) with 1 child

6. Flynn Belaine (1 April 1990 - July 1991) (divorced) with 1 child 7.

7. Jennifer Lee (29 June 2001 - 10 December 2005 (his death)

All of Richard Pryor's wives, except one (Belaine) accused Richard Pryor of domestic violence and abuse, the reason of his behaviour being his druge use.


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