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Published: Oct 24, 2011
Courtney Stodden Bent Over (PHOTOS) Doug Hutchison Humps At Pumpkin Farm
by Jack Ryan

Teen bride Courtney Stodden and her hollywood actor husband Doug Hutchison were asked to leave a pumpkin patch farm after practically having dry hump sex. We love how these two want to use their hollywood fame to shove down our throats about just how horny they make each other. Make a sex tape already! That's what normal celebrities do.

Did these two ever hear of PDA control?

Courtney, 17, and Hutchison were in a pumpkin patch picking out pumpkins...I think..and decided to bring a photographer to take photos of them making out. In many of the photos it shows Stodden bending over in ridiculously short, tight jean shorts, showing breast cleavage, humping each other, and my personal favorite is a shot of Doug holding Stodden up while she leans back her head to the floor. It's not really my favorite and I'm sure I didn't fool you on that one.

So if you want to watch Stodden and Doug making media whores out of themselves, go check out the photos. You won't be disappointed cause they are very good at it. Which makes it interesting at least.

To go see the photos go to - click here

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