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Published: Nov 3, 2011
Runner In Wis. Park Finds Missing Toddler
by Staff

A teenager on a morning run through chilly woods in Wisconsin found a 2-year-old boy who apparently wandered away from his home, authorities said.

Trevor Vetort, 18, of Cedar River said he had almost decided against his usual run at J.W. Wells State Park Wednesday.

"Usually I run every other day and I wasn't going to go because of the weather, but I decided to go," he told the EagleHerald of Marinette, Wis.

On the old growth trail he takes in the park he found the toddler sitting in the leaves near the path in 40-degree weather, he said.

"I almost ran right up on him -- then I heard him crying. It kinda freaked me out when I (saw) him. He wanted me to pick him up -- he was crying 'mommy.'"

Vetort picked up the child and took him to the park office.

Menominee County Sheriff Kenny Marks said a check was made at a residence in Cedar River for the mother of the child.

"There is a woman who recently moved back to the area and I thought she might be the mother," Marks said.

When officers arrived at the house near the north end of the park, they found the mother and several other people searching the area for the child.

The mother did not indicate how long the child had been missing and had not called 911, officers said.

The child was returned to his mother but the case remains under investigation by the sheriff's department and the Department of Human Services, Marks said. (c) UPI

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