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Published: Nov 11, 2011
Clint Eastwood met Martin Milner, David Janssen, and Richard Long while serving
by Jim Brogan

Clint Eastwood met Martin Milner, David Janssen, and Richard Long while serving. As Veterans Day arrives, we say thank you to our military veterans.

Throughout our history there have been many veterans who became famous. Some because of their leadership and others due to their bravery.
A lot of veterans became famous after their service in the military because of success in the careers they chose.

Each year, we honor those who have served on Veterans Day. To help commemorate the day, we've compiled a list of some well-known veterans.

Famed actor, director and producer Eastwood was drafted into the military in 1950, after the Korean War began. He lucked into a job as a swimming instructor after Basic and remained at Ft. Ord. He worked nights and weekends as a bouncer at the NCO club.

The Academy Award winner met a number of other actor-soldiers (Martin Milner, David Janssen, and Richard Long) during his time in service.

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Pat Tillman: Corporal served as Army Ranger

George Steinbrenner Generals Aid in U.S. Air Force

Alan Alda U.S. Army Reserve Gunner

Charles Walgreen Sr. Illinois National Guard: Spanish-American War

Chuck Norris Service: U.S. Air Force

Johnny Carson World War II Service: U.S. Navy

Bill Cosby U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman

Clint Eastwood U.S. Army Swimming Instructor at Fort Ord in California

Malcolm Forbes U.S. Army Staff Sergeant

Shaggy Gulf War U.S. Marine

Montel Williams served in Marines and Navy as Lieutenant

Indians Pitcher Bob Feller Chief Petty Officer U.S. Navy

Wendys CEO Dave Thomas U.S. Army Staff Sergeant

Drew Carey U.S. Marine Corps Corporal

George H.W. Bush Lieutenant Junior Grade; Distinguished Flying Cross and three Air Medals

Tony Bennett served in the Army as a Private

R. Buckminster Fuller U.S. Navy; seaplane rescue mast inventor

Ben Bradlee served in U.S. Navy during Pacific War

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