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Published: Nov 14, 2011
Angie Varona Sex Symbol At 14! Unwilling Victim of Porn Hackers
by Jack Ryan

(PHOTOS, VIDEO) 14-Year-old Angie Varona unwillingly became a major sex symbol on the internet. Varona had a private photo account hacked and since then her likeness - while she was underage - has been used on porn sites,,, humor sites, and various porn advertisements.

It was all because in 2007 she uploaded some bikini and lingerie photos, non-nude, to in 2007.

Porn companies would Photoshop Varona's top off so she appeared topless. Various people have created fake Angie Varona Twitter accounts, Facebook profiles. One Facebook profile has 41,000 likes.

Varona claims that there are many photos that aren't even her but women have impersonatated her. She told "Nightline", "People wish to exploit me and I guess stalk me in a way...they want every picture that has ever been taken of me."

Varona told Nightline about the content of the photos she took,
"When you're 14 you don't realize that the things you do really do matter at that point. No one ever thinks that, 'yeah, I'm going to take these pictures and it's going to end up all over the Internet.' You just do it for yourself."

Varona claims she took the photos for her boyfriend. Since the photos appeared on porn sites high school classmates began calling her a "slut" and "porn star".

Sadly, Varona has been the victim of very serious sexual violent threats. One man claimed that he was going to come for her and rape her because "she asked for it".

Angie escaped school to be home-schooled. She turned to drugs and alcohol and tried to runaway from home. The parents have been unable to get the photos off the internet nor able to successfully sue the people who took the photos.

If you really want to see a 14-year-old's erotic photos simply and type in her name. To see the video of Varona talking about what happened on Nightline go here. (c) tPC


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