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Published: Nov 29, 2011
Frank Sinatra Sex Tape! 'Ol Blue Eyes (VIDEO) $100 Porno: 'The Masked Bandit'
by Jim Brogan

'Ol blue eyes sex tape - Did Frank Sinatra star in a porno movie called 'The Masked Bandit' at the tender age of 19 in 1934?

Darwin Porter, who has been researching Frank Sinatra’s biography, “Frank Sinatra, The Boudoir Singer“, for decades claims the Rat Pack star was talked into appearing in an x-rated film at the age of 19.

The singing star was paid $100 for his contribution.

Porter, says he received the information from British actor Peter Lawford, a member of Sinatra's gang of friends in the 1960s known as the "Rat Pack." Those group of friends included Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr.

According to Lawford's story, Sammy Davis Jr,. an avid porn collector, possesed a copy of Sinatra's porn flick, The Masked Bandit.

The Daily Mail reports that Lawford revealed that Sammy Davis once played a prank on Sinatra at a party in 1972 in which Davis inserted a footage [of the blue film] into a reel of the notorious XXX staple Deep Throat which he screened for the guests.

According to the story, only Lawford and Davis knew that the masked swordsmen in the film was Sinatra.

The other guests at the party were oblivious and Sinatra, according to Lawford, was pretty upset with Davis. Sinatra's anthem "Lady is a Tramp" now has new meaning for me. See the video below.

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