Published: Dec 15, 2011
Melissa Mccarthy is Jenny Mccarthy (PLAYBOY PHOTOS) Cousin
by Toshiba Reynolds

Melissa Mccarthy is Jenny Mccarthy (PLAYBOY PHOTOS) Cousin. Every so often a celeb has a relative who's famous in their own right, and outside of show business.

You already know A-listers have major talent, major hotness, and a major fan following to match. But what you probably don't know: they're related to Hollywood heavyweights.

For example: President Obama is related to Brad Pitt (9th cousin) on his mother's side.

We bet you didn't know Mike & Molly star Melissa McCarthy, the talk of the country Monday after her emotional win at the Emmys, is related to none other than stunner Jenny McCarthy.

Funny obviously runs in the family. Melissa McCarthy photos here, Jenny Mccarthy photos here. Playboy here.


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