Published: Dec 28, 2011
Oregon Football Uniforms Darth Vader Helmets (PHOTOS) New Rose Bowl 'Sith' Uniforms
by Mitch Marconi

Can you hear the imperial march? The Oregon Ducks are playing the Rose Bowl in all new uniforms. They are shedding the original outfit for a new helmet, jersey, and pants.

The Yardbarker described the helmet as: "A shiny all-black lid that looks very Darth Vader-like from the front.
The side features giant chrome duck feathers and the traditional block "O" has been moved from the side to the back of the helmet."

The shoulders will have a shiny armor-like wing design then the traditional set of painted on grey wings. The shoulders look like wings of metal.

Their green uniforms have been changed to more of a darker green. The numbers are bigger on the player and NIKE claims the numbers change colors when the players move. How distracting sounding is that?

Players will wear yellow and black gloves.

The outfit is completed with a pair of black socks and gray and black cleats. To see more photos - go here (c) tPC

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