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Published: Jan 13, 2012
Splitting the pole superstition origin: if you do, say "bread and butter"
by Mike Baron

Splitting the pole superstition origin: if you do, say "bread and butter." If you're a believer in superstitions, then Friday the 13th might be your unlucky day. But, remember, it's only a superstition, and nothing more.

Superstitions are mostly considered to be irrational beliefs associated with the existence of particular mysterious forces.
Every nation have some sort of superstition in its tradition; some of them are so strong that they even acquire main characteristics of modern pop culture.

When your walking in a group and one half goes to the left and one goes to the right of the pole it is conisderd bad luck. Why? Not sure as there does not seem to be a true origin of this superstition.

If you split a pole you are supposed to say bread and butter. Why? because bread and butter "go together." The utterence gives the ritual power as an affirmation of togetherness.


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