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Published: Aug 27, 2007
Denver Broncos RB Travis Henry Has At Least 9 Kids With 9 Women
by Jim Brogan

New Denver Broncos running back Travis Henry reportedly has at least nine children with nine different women, and while the number might ring 'concerning' with many - his attorney says he's a good father.

Travis Henry has been named the father of at least nine different children with nine different women - but his lawyer says he's a "really committed father", despite what some people may think.

This report comes after a Denver Post, Aug. 26th article revealed that Travis Henry was ordered to pay $3,000 a month in child support to a Georgia woman whose child he fathered 3 years ago.

The 28-year-old running back has already been ordered to pay child support for seven of his children by several judges in the Southeast, according to a press release.

The Denver Post article reports that Travis did not hide from the fact that he is the father of so many children, and said: "People can judge me all they want, but only God can judge me."

Henry's attorney from the Georgia case, Shiel Edlin, says: "I know these are a lot of kids, and there might be some questions about it, but he's a really committed father."

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