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Published: May 18, 2008
Rose McGowan Hoping For A Strike Break To Nurse Sick Dog
by Staff

Actress Rose McGowan is quietly praying for a summer (08) actor's strike - so she can spend time at home with her sick dog.

The Grindhouse star recently learned her 11-year-old terrier, Fester, has a brain tumour and now all she wants to do is spend time with her beloved pooch.

She tells, "Five weeks ago he was jumping in the air."

Ongoing talks between studio bosses and acting union officials are trying to resolve issues before a strike is necessary, but McGowan really wouldn't mind a long summer break.

She adds, "I'll get to spend more time with Fester."

A possible strike will also give the actress the chance to rest up after smashing her leg.

Hobbling McGowan has been told she has to wear a leg brace for the next six weeks.

She reveals, "I had a fight with a wall, and the wall won. It sucks." (c) WENN

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