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Published: Mar 9, 2012
Famous people who died too soon (PHOTOS) - Bruce Lee date of, cause of death
by Tashi Singh

Bruce Lee Death (PHOTO) - Bruce Lee date of, cause of death. In early 1973, filming began for Bruce Lee's next film, Enter the Dragon.  On May 10, 1973, Bruce was engaged in a dubbing session at Golden Harvest.

The air-conditioning had been turned off so as to cut down on noise contamination. This caused the temperature to soar in the tiny dubbing room. Bruce, feeling faint, needed a break and stepped out to the lavatory to throw some water on his face.

Once in the lavatory, Bruce passed out. After twenty minutes, a studio assistant found Bruce and helped him to his feet. While being helped back to the dubbing room, Bruce collapsed again and was rushed to a nearby hospital. Doctors found him unresponsive and running a fever of 105 degrees. It was discovered that Bruce had a swelling of fluid that was causing pressure on the brain. He was given Manitol and he eventually regained consciousness.

Upon recovery, Bruce and his wife flew back to Los Angeles. Bruce was given a battery of tests at the University of California Medical Center and emerged with a clean bill of health. Doctors agreed that Bruce had suffered cerebral edema and they gave him a prescription for Dilantin, a drug given to epileptics.

Bruce returned to Hong Kong and on July 20,1973, he and Raymond Chow stopped by the apartment of actress Betty Ting-Pei. Betty was to have a leading role in their next film, Game of Death. After exchanging ideas, Raymond Chow left the apartment. A short time later, Bruce complained of a headache. Betty gave him a tablet of Equagesic (a pain reliever) and around 7:30 PM, Bruce laid down for a nap.
Around 9 PM, Raymond Chow, who was waiting for Bruce and Betty to show for dinner, received a phone call. Betty informed Chow that she could not wake Bruce. Chow left for Betty's apartment and, upon arrival, found Bruce to be unresponsive. A doctor was summoned and Bruce was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital. All attempts to revive him were unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead at the age of 32.  The official cause of death was acute cerebral edema (swelling of the brain) brought about by a hypersensitivity to aspirin.

Bruce's brain was found to have swollen from a normal 1,400 grams to a lethal 1,575 grams. Go here for additional photos of Bruce.

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