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Published: Mar 26, 2012
Early jobs of the famous - Danny Devito Hair Stylist
by Maria Gomez

Early jobs of the famous - Danny Devito Hair Stylist. Yeah, we know how they make a living now. But many of today's inventors, entertainers and politicians once scooped ice cream, shined shoes or laid bricks.

Though your aspirations may be ambitious, chances are your early job(s) will be humble. But just remember: Everybody has to start somewhere -- even the rich and famous.
Most did whatever it took to pay the bills while pursuing their passion early in their careers.

Oprah Winfrey First Job Grocery Clerk

Kanye West Worked At Gap

Sam Walton Milkman

Donald Trump Collected Empty Cans

Isiah Thomas Shining Shoes

Sting School Teacher

Sylvester Stallone Lion Cage Cleaner

Jerry Seinfeld Sold Light Bulbs

JK Rowling Secretary

Mitt Romney Worked Chauffeur

Brad Pitt El Pollo Loco Chicken

Ross Perot Grew Up Training Horses

David Overton Drummer In A Band

Barack Obama Baskin Robbins

Bill Murray Sold Chestnuts

Demi Moore Worked As Debt Collector

Howie Mandel Amusement Park Operatoramusement

Madonna Dunkin Donuts

George Lucas Teaching Assistant

Rush Limbaugh First Job Shining Shoes

Mick Jagger Porter Mental Hospital

Wayne Huizenga Pumped Gas

Nancy Grace First Job Candy Counter Sears

Whoopi Goldberg Bricklayer

Bill Gates Congressional Page

Michael Eisner First Job Camp Counselor

Danny Devito Hair Stylist

Alan Dershowitz Deli Factory Worker

Johnny Depp Telemarketer Pens

Michael Dell Dishwasher Restaurant

Mark Cuban Sold Garbage Bags

Sheryl Crow Music Teacher

Sean Diddy Combs Paper Boy

Ben Cohen Taxi Driver

George Clooney Tobacco Cutter

Jim Carrey Security Guard Janitor

Andrew Carnegie Bobbin Boy

Warren Buffett Worked As Paperboy

Garth Brooks First Job Boot Store

Richard Branson Christmas Trees

Michael Bloomberg Parking Lot Attendant

Ben Bernanke Theme Park Waiter

Giorgio Armani Assistant Photographer

Did any of these jobs surprise you? Did any of these jobs shock you? Well, everyone must start somewhere and these famous folks are no different.

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