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Published: Apr 29, 2012
Virginia Woman Beats Odds VIDEO; Winning $1 Million Lottery Twice within a Day
by Staff

A Virginia woman doubled her lottery prize, winning $2 million, because she made a mistake in buying her tickets.

Virginia Fike, 44, Berryville, stepped up Monday to cash in her winning Powerball tickets purchased at a truck stop on Martinsburg Pike, the Winchester (Va.) Star reported.

"I wanted to buy one Powerball and one Mega Millions with the same numbers but got two Powerball ones instead," Fike said at a news conference at the store.

Since Fike played the same numbers on both tickets, she won two $1 million prizes.

Fike said she had no immediate plans for the jackpot other than to pay off some bills.

For the record, Fike's winning formula for determining her numbers was based on her parents' wedding anniversary: their wedding date and the ages they were when they tied knot divided by the year they were married, the Star said.

Fike was presented with a check for $2 million on Friday at the truck stop where she purchased the ticket. Winners in Virginia are required to come forward and be identified. She will receive $1.4 million after taxes. The store also received a $20,000 bonus for selling the two winning tickets., reports ABC news. (c) UPI

Here is a video news clip about her big win!

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