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Published: Apr 24, 2012
NFL Draft Busts (VIDEOS): Brian Bosworth $11 million contract three-year career with the Seahawks
by Mitch Marconi

NFL Draft Busts (VIDEOS): Brian bosworth $11 million contract three-year career with the Seahawks. As many of you are obviously aware, the NFL Draft is far from an exact science. Each year, prospects who are highly sought turn out to be busts while others outperform their draft predictions.

It goes without saying that hindsight is 20/20, and it is easy to reminisce and ponder what the draft experts were really thinking while touting some of the biggest flops.
Who'll be the top bust of the 2012 Draft? Only time will tell. In the meantime, we'll take a look at some of the top busts of the modern era.

Brian Bosworth, ILB, Seattle Seahawks, No. 1 pick overall, 1987 supplemental draft

Bosworth, a two-time consensus All-American and Butkus award winner at Oklahoma, was supposed to be a lock as a dominant second-level cleanup man.

Bosworth played three seasons for the Seahawks with an $11 million contract and went on to a more productive Hollywood career. 

Go here and here for videos of the NFL's all-time draft busts.


2012 NFL draft mock links; TV schedule April 26 and 27

NFL Draft Busts (VIDEOS)

Tim Couch married Playboy Playmate (PICS), is an analyst on SEC & played five seasons with the Browns

Brian Bosworth $11 million contract three-year career with the Seahawks

Lawrence Phillips serving 31-year prison sentence; played two seasons for St. Louis Rams

Tony Mandarich 6 ft 5 in, 311 lb now into boudoir photography

"Marijuanovich" Todd Marinovich now Art Gallery owner

Ryan Leaf drafted just behind Peyton Manning in 1998

JaMarcus Russell comeback failed after codeine syrup arrest, $61 million contract with Raiders

Jeff George offers to step in for Brett Favre, first gatorade national player of the year award recipient

Wendell Bryant suspended for substance abuse, attempting NFL comeback

David Klinger assistant professor at Dallas Theological Seminary

Heisman Trophy winner Andre Ware inducted into Texas Sports Hall of Fame

Akili Smith played four seasons for Cincinnati Bengals; Assistant coach for University of California in 2010

Quincy Carter drug abuse & bipolar disorder: stints with Jets, Canadian football, Arena and Arena 2

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