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Published: Apr 29, 2012
Debbie Stevens fired after giving kidney to save boss at Atlantic Automotive Group
by Staff

A New York mother who was fired after donating a kidney to save her boss' life said she wants her organ returned.

Debbie Stevens, 47, of Long Island filed a complaint about the matter with the state Human Rights Commission, the New York Post reported Tuesday.

Stevens charges in the complaint that she was manipulated by her boss Jackie Brucia of Atlantic Automotive Group.

The complaint said once Stevens had donated a kidney, Brucia's treatment of her changed dramatically.

"It went from being a nice person to just being a wretched person -- evil," Stevens said.

Stevens' kidney didn't go to Brucia because she wasn't a perfect match but her donation of a kidney to the national pool helped Brucia get one sooner.

Stevens said her health insurance coverage will soon run out leaving her unable to pay future medical bills related to the transplant.

"I don't know what I'm going to do," she said. "I thought I would be at that job until I retired."

There was no information on why Stevens was fired. (c) UPI

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