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Published: Jun 17, 2008
Johnny Rotten Bemoans 'Poncey Masturbators' Coldplay
by Staff

Johnny Rotten has branded Coldplay a bunch of "poncey masturbators".

The Sex Pistols frontman pities the people who go to watch the band - who are currently number one in the UK album charts with new album 'Viva La Vida Or Death and All His Friends' - because they are just "men in anoraks".

He told Britain's The Sun newspaper: I pity the poor b*****s who have to watch them. They are utterly humourless.

"I met them a few years ago, said hello and realised they were just men in anoraks. They looked like a gang of little poncey masturbators.

"There is no fun, they don't offer joy. Their music has a couple of quite nice tones here and there, but it's a box of tosh sold to slightly inadequate, half-baked people."

Speaking after the Sex Pistols headlined the Isle of Wight festival on Saturday (14.06.08), Johnny - real name John Lydon - also revealed the band are considering recording a new album.

He said: "There could be a new record. That would be nice. "But I won't do anything in a patronising way. The music, the subject and the attitude all have to be right at the same time. Everything has to be from the heart."

The Sex Pistols released their only album, 'Never Mind The B*****s', in 1977. (c) BANG

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