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Published: Apr 29, 2012
Miss Universe Canada 2012 OKs transgendered Jenna Talackova - Donald Trump
by staff

Miss Universe Canada 2012 OKs transgendered Jenna Talackova (PHOTOS) - Donald Trump (VIDEO). Donald Trump's Miss Universe organization in Canada has reversed its decision and might allow a transgendered woman to compete, the woman said.

Jenna Talackova, 23, was notified by pageant organizers last month she was disqualified from a pool of 65 contestants after it was learned she had been born male from her own online Univision profile page, the Toronto Star reported.
On Monday, the organization issued a statement saying Talackova could compete only if she could meet "the legal gender recognition requirements of Canada."

At a Los Angeles news conference Tuesday flanked by celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, Talackova showed her Canadian passport, driver's license and birth certificate that identify her as female, the National Post reported.

The would-be contestant said she wasn't sure if that was what the organization wanted and said she'd like to hear Trump say "in plain words whether or not I will be allowed to compete."

Trump told ABC's "Good Morning America" Wednesday Talackova would be allowed to compete in the Canadian pageant.

In 2003, the pageant modified its entry requirements to include only "natural born" females in the competition.

Talackova underwent gender-altering surgery when she was 19 after seven years of hormone therapy.

The 61st annual Miss Universe Canada pageant begins May 11 in Toronto. Go here for video and here for photos. (c) UPI

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