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Published: Nov 23, 2008
McDonald's Sued Over Nude Photos
by Staff

An Arkansas couple are suing McDonald's after nude photos of the woman stored on his cell phone left behind at a franchise restaurant wound up on the Internet.

Phillip and Tina Sherman filed their lawsuit Friday against McDonald's Corp., Mathews Management Co., which owns the McDonald's franchise in Fayetteville, Ark., and Aaron Brummley, a manager of the restaurant, the (Fayetteville) Northwest Arkansas Times reported Sunday.

They are seeking more than $3 million in damages after nude photos of Tina Sherman were posted on a Web site.

Phillip Sherman left his cell phone in the McDonald's restaurant July 5. The phone contained photos his wife had previously sent of herself to her husband's cell phone for his own use, the lawsuit contends.

The lawsuit also says Brummley called Phillip Sherman's mother using this cell phone and said he would keep the cell phone until Phillip Sherman could come pick it up.

The couple say they have received threatening phone calls and messages. (c) UPI

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