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Published: Dec 11, 2010
Werewolf Names 2010 Baby Name Generator!
by Jim Brogan

Werewolf names 2010 baby name trend? Werewolf name generator can help you find the perfect name! Expectant moms this year are gravitating toward their own Twilight dream - by naming their newborns after the unlikely character of a werewolf.

And what would those names be? If you chose Jacob, Tyler, Alcide, Quil, Sam, or Embry, you may have just become 'prey', says one website.

Can Renesmee - the name of Bella and "vampire" Edward's daughter - be far behind for girls in 2011?

A San Francisco parenting Web site said its annual survey of registered infants found Aiden was the top name for boys and Sophia topped the list for girls. said its survey of the 350,000 babies registered on the site as born in 2010 found Aiden topped the boys' list for the sixth year, followed by Jacob, Jackson, Ethan, Jayden, Noah, Logan, Caden, Lucas and Liam.

The Web site said Sophia knocked last year's top girl's name, Isabella, into second place, followed by Olivia, Emma, Chloe, Ava, Lily, Madison, Addison and Abigail.

The BabyCenter editors said they also saw a strong influence on this year's list from pop culture, with names from TV series "Glee," including Finn and Quinn, rising rapidly, as well as influences from "Mad Men" and Disney films.

"Thirty-six percent of BabyCenter moms say they find name inspiration in famous people and characters. This is the first time we've seen parents really own up to the influence of pop culture," said Linda Murray, BabyCenter editor in chief. "Celebrities are our royalty, and consciously or unconsciously, parents want a bit of that shine to rub off on their kids."

Want to create your own werewolf name? Check out this website! Or go here for all things werewolf related! (c) UPI (c) tPC

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