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Published: Apr 18, 2012
PHOTO: Ronaldo Silva drag prison break, high heels hobble jail breaker
by Jim Brogan

PHOTO: Ronaldo Silva drag prison break, high heels hobble jail breaker. If criminals like Ronaldo Silva used the same kind of ingenuity used to evade the law to better society, many of them would give the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg a run for their money.

Silva, a suspected drug trafficker, was apprehended after he attempted to escape from jail by disguising as a woman, but was noticed by a prison official who observed his awkward walking steps in high heels.

His wife reportedly brought him her bra, a wig and a nice blue dress to pull-off their plan, and he did everything to perfection including shaving his arms and legs, but just could not get the steps right.

Thirty minutes into his daring bid for freedom, an eagle-eyed guard observed that, despite looking like a woman, he did not walk like one. Silva was followed as far as the bus station before cops picked him up and dragged him back to jail.

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