Published: Jun 15, 2012
Plastic surgery gone bad (VIDEO and PHOTOS): Playboy model/actress Heidi Montag DDD breast, got ear pinning surgery job for self-confidence
by Jack Ryan

Plastic surgery gone bad (PHOTOS, VIDEO): Playboy model/actress Heidi Montag DDD breast and ear pinning surgery. Plastic surgery used to be one of Hollywood's biggest taboos, but now it is the worst-kept secret in town.

Stars have come forward to talk about their cosmetic procedures and how much they now regret going under the knife.

A dermatologist injected Botox into one actress's forehead seven years ago, struck a nerve and created a huge bubble of blood, or hematoma, outside the blood vessels. The nerve in her forehead perished, which caused her eye to droop.

Other stars have had similar experiences. Who are they? Read more here and see photos of stars who have regrets.

Heidi Montag

Not that long ago reality TV star and Playboy model Heidi Montag shocked Tinsel Town by undergoing 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day.

Stars like Lisa Rinna, Dana Delany and Kim Kardashian have come forward to talk about their cosmetic procedures and how much they now regret going under the knife (See video below).

Denise Richards talks about her botched boob job. Nicole Kidman dislikes her botox treatments. Heidi Montag regrets her 10 procedures in one day. Kenny Rogers says he is the plastic surgery king. Jamie Lee Curtis called it an addiction she needed to beat.

Other stars have had similar experiences. Who are they? Read more here and see photos of 12 stars who have regrets. Foxypics has some great photos of all the stars here.

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