Published: May 16, 2012
Mohammed (Muhammad) Ali married four times (PHOTOS); Sonji Roi Clay Glover death at 59
by Toshiba Reynolds

Mohammed (Muhammad) Ali married four times (PHOTOS); Sonji Roi Clay Glover death at 59. When a famous actress announces that she is pregnant and engaged to a man whose name already escapes you, he's made the Little known celebrity spouse list.

This is my favorite kind of celebrity marriage -- the one where no one has ever heard of the other person.
It is really great because you’ll probably only ever hear that guy’s name three more times: 1) When they get married; 2) when they have their baby; and 3) when they divorce.

Hell, you won’t even have to store that name away for pub trivia purposes (or QRANK). There is no reason to know it.

Sonji Roi and Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali has been married four times (Yolanda Williams, Veronica Porsche Ali, Belinda Boyd, Sonji Roi), but his first trip down the aisle was with a cocktail waitress and later aspiring singer he met in a bar and married about a month later. The marriage would last a mere 17 months, largely in part because Roi objected to some of the Muslim customs Ali expected her to follow regarding how women should dress.

Sonji Roi Clayr returned to Chicago from Miami, where the couple had been living, and resumed her singing career. She went on to marry attorney Reynaldo Glover, with whom she had a son, Reynaldo Jr. They later divorced. She also had a son, Herman Griffin, from a previous relationship.

Clay-Glover died at her South Side Chicago home. She was 59.

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Mohammed (Muhammad) Ali married four times (PHOTOS); Sonji Roi Clay Glover death at 59


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