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Published: Jun 11, 2012
Bath salts Drug are Allegedly behind gruesome face biting attack VID
by Staff

Bath salts behind gruesome face eating man PHOTOS VIDEO shot dead by Police Officers.

Gruesome crime scene photos of the horrific incident where a naked man was shot and killed after eating the face off another living man have been leaked from the police department has exclusively learned, and the cops are planning to start an investigation into who leaked the photos. contacted the Miami Police Department and Detective Sanchez said "No one is supposed to release those photos.  It is a leak. We have not released anything and it is still an investigation."

Det. Sanchez said they will open an investigation and said "it is illegal to take pictures of a crime scene; it is the Dale Earnhardt law that it is illegal to solicit payment for photos of a crime scene."

One photo was of the victim with his skin torn off his face, bloody and red, with his eyes out of place. Go here to read more, get a link to a larger photo and a video.

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