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Published: Jun 15, 2012
Cosmo cover Dakota Fanning At 17 "Best Sex Ever": New Petition To Stop Cosmo
by Staff

Dakota Fanning, 17, is appearing on the cover of this month's issue of Cosmopolitan. What's so controversial about it? Take a look at all the talk of sex, vagina, and dirty language also written on the cover.

People are outraged because Fanning is underage and here she is with a title by her head that says "His Best Sex Ever: Guys Describe the Mind Blowing Moves They Can't Stop Thinking About".

Also in big bold yellow letters "Too Naughty To Say Here! But you have to try this sex trick".

Rachelle Friberg of FOX411's Pop Tarts column criticized Cosmo and said, "Cosmopolitan is going overboard by putting an underage girl on its cover surrounded by such article titles. It is one thing to educate young women about sex and their bodies, but putting a young, underage girl on the cover of a magazine that had long been known to push the limits is sending the wrong message"

Cosmo seems unfazed by the outrage claiming that at 17, Dakota is a very mature woman. A rep for Cosmo said about Fanning's appearance on their cover: "We're thrilled to feature Dakota Fanning on the February cover of Cosmopolitan magazine and she looks stunning. Dakota, who turns 18 this month, is a mature, fearless young woman and we are proud to honor her as our Fun Fearless Female of the year. We applaud her unprecedented accomplishments which will continue in 2012 with her four upcoming movie roles."

Is this just a bull**** cover excuse by Cosmo? Is Dakota Fanning too young for this magazine cover at 17?

There is a new petition going on now by the heiress of the magazine company to consider these magazine's adult content so they can be covered up at news stands and sold only to adults. Here is the a segment of the new petition:

"In the June, 2012 issue alone, here are some of the topics discussed: Orgasm, thrusting, G-Spot, penis, grinds, clitoris, lube, f-ing, animal-style, missionary, rubbing, butt, pelvis, doggie-style, enter me, push deep inside me, stimulation, rub my clit, friction, gyrate, bullet vibrator, turns me on, vagina, finish, foreplay, shallow thrusting, squeeze my PC muscles, nipples, climax, on top, legs wrapped around his waist, lick the sides of my fabric, tongue, swirling his tounge, orgasmic bliss, licks my clitoris, keep his finger in and twirl it around, strokes, tip of his member, hooking up, i put my feet up so their on his shoulders, grind my lower body."

The petition went on saying, "This publication has steadily declined into a full-on pornographic "how to" guide for teens and vulnerable young girls. Every issue dares girls and encourages them to try new sex moves (including anal sex), engage in threesomes, experient with lesbianism, have public sex, watch porn, (with specific URLS listed- October 2011 issue.) and using sex toys such as dildos, shower heads, and vibrating tongue rings to "please your man and stimulate your clitoris."This readily available magazine has become one of the media’s worst influences on girls.

Sign the petition by going here.

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