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Published: Sep 4, 2007
Angela Delvecchio 'A Friend To Die For' In Kellie Martin Role
by Staff

Angela Delvecchio may just be a movie character, but she was modeled on a real life story of a 1984 high school sophomore who ends up killing the most popular of cheerleaders, Stacy Lockwood.

Actress Kellie Martin played the role in 1994, but the movie that told the story -- 'Death Of A Cheerleader' -- is being aired again with renewed interest in both Martin and her arch-enemy in the film, Tori Spelling in the role of vicious cheerleader Lockwood.

'Death Of A Cheerleader' once led bubbly blonde Kellie Martin to once quip, "Isn't it frightening? I always wanted to play a killer."

According to IMDB:

"Angela Delvecchio is desperately seeking acceptance by the "in" crowd, and becomes obsessed with the inner circle's queen bee, Stacy Lockwood, played here with startling offhanded viciousness by Spelling.

"Angela attempts everything in her power to break down the wall separating her from her idol: trying out for cheerleading; joining the same club; lying to get Stacy to go with her to a party.

"When Stacy grows wary and threatens to expose Angela's "weirdness," Angela stabs her to death.

"When I was reading that scene," says Martin, "I thought, 'How am I going to DO this?' And when I was doing it, it was almost like it was someone else. You kinda had to not think about it. Forget all your inhibitions and just go crazy.

"However, I had a knife in my hand, so I had to be very careful. It had a retractable blade, but you could still hurt someone with it.

"So after every take I would ask Tori, 'Did I get you? Did I get you ANYWHERE?'"

"Spelling, who survived without a scratch, described Martin as "a great actress...and so mature. 'I'm older than she is, but I always felt she was much older than me' said the actress." (c) tPC

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