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Published: Sep 18, 2007
Vanessa Hudgens & Nude Photos - Is Vanessa The Next Paris Hilton?
by Gia Cortina

Vanessa Hudgens nude photos seem to have skyrocketed her career - leaving us to wonder - is Vanessa the next Paris Hilton?

Vanessa's nudie photos may have tarnished her squeaky-clean image a bit, and put Disney into a tail-spin, but big-shots in the entertainment industry are predicting that they will simply send Vanessa Hudgens star status soaring!  It appears certain that the "High School Musical" star will be cashing in on her new-found notoriety in a big way!

Although some thought that the sexy photos would put an end to her adolescent-market appeal ... but it seems that the opposite has happened, with Vanessa going supernova, and nearly overnight!

Before the photos hit the Web, Vanessa was already making a name for herself among teenagers as a co-star in the "High School Musical" franchise, as well as the girlfriend of Zac Efron ... but she had failed to achieve mainstream awareness.

"Did anyone really know or care about Paris Hilton before her sex tape surfaced?" a high-profile television executive told  "This scandal is making her a household name - it will definitely elevate her into real star-studded status."

Vanessa is well on her way to establishing a legitimate Hollywood brand.  When the media intensity dims, her name will remain on the tip of everyone's tongue.  If she plays her cards right, Vanessa could be the hottest thing in Hollywood!

A recent report stated that the photos were taken by Vanessa herself, when she was 18, and then sent them to boyfriend Zac Efron.  That same report noted that there is another nudie photo ready to surface, of Vanessa at 15 years-old; again taken by Vanessa and sent to a former boy-friend she had just dumped.

Another report suggests that Vanessa was only 16 when the current sexy photo was taken.  However, that would mean it is illegal to display it.

How, here's the thing ... if it was Vanessa's intent to make herself more mainstream and thereby more popular ... would it really be that outrageous to think that the starlet leaked the photos herself?  In fact, would it be that unbelievable to think that Zac is also in on this gravy train?

If Vanessa isn't behind this whole thing - then it is up to her to come out and set us straight.  Until then, we have no choice but to speculate.

One report however, claims that these photos of Vanessa may have been taken when she was sixteen.  If that is found to be true - that's where we draw the line.

So, until that is fact: The Vanessa Hudgens NSFW original photo is here,. The sexy lingerie photos are here.  The sexy video montage is here.  Lesbian kissing pictures are here.


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