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Published: Oct 5, 2007
Mysterious Rune Stone Identified In Norway
by Staff

Archaeologists in Norway have identified a mysterious rune stone found buried under a church floor as part of a larger tombstone, a report said.

Aftenposten reported Thursday that while initial studies of the stone identified it as an undiscovered rune stone, recent findings have found that it actually was once part of a tombstone first discovered in 1639.

"We thought at first that we had found a completely unknown stone, and we misread one of the runes," archaeologist Helge Sorheim said.

Archaeologists said that the discovery in the county of Rogaland refers to a farmer known as Asolv, an individual who likely lived in the area in the 13th or 14th century.

Sorheim told the Norwegian newspaper that his fellow archaeologists are currently looking for the previously discovered portion of the tombstone, which was lost centuries ago.

"Now we are making a cast of the stone we have found and trying to find the first part, which perhaps was also used in building the foundation of the new church," he said. (c) UPI

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