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Catherine Zeta Jones Doesn't Want To Lose Jewellery Or Michael Douglas
By Staff
Oct 9, 2007

Catherine Zeta-Jones is scared to wear expensive jewellery in case she loses it.

The Oscar-winning actress, who is married to Hollywood actor Michael Douglas, says her mother-in-law, Diana, has warned her she must only wear things she is prepared to lose.

Catherine - who is the face of Di Modolo jewellery - said: "I carry a lot of jewellery with me, but I often get worried something is going to happen. My mother-in-law says that a woman should never put something on you can't afford to lose."

Catherine - who has two children with Michael - recently vowed never to get divorced, saying marriage is a life-long commitment.

She said: "I fell in love with my husband at first sight, and I still feel the same way. At some point, my little babies are going to run out of the nest and I don't want to look at Michael and say, 'Hey, remember us?' "I'll never get divorced, never." (c) BANG

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