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Published: Dec 11, 2007
Beyonce Nude? Not Exactly: Panties Slip, Crotch Shot Reveals Vagina
by Mike Baron

The art of vagina flashing has reached new levels this weekend, with yet another A-lister joining the ranks of thosee ladies who feel compelled to show us their crotches.

Beyonce Knowles may have had her very first bald cat flash on the internet - if it's real that is. And if it's not, well, than I guess it's another photoshop job.

Beyonce was performing onstage when she decided to grind and dance on a pole for her excited audience - wearing small golden panties!

The photo is either of Beyonce's ...ahem...butt, crack or a portion of her labia. It's kind of hard to you be the judge!

Check out the NSFW photo here or here!  Is it real or is it a clever modification? Looks real to me. The SFW version is here.

This isn't the first time Beyonce has a wardrobe malfunction. She exposed her breasts on stage at a concert in Canada.

The Bootylicious singer's shirt flew up as she was dancing at a concert in Toronto. Fans who captured the scene on mobile phone cameras posted the footage on You Tube. Take a look at the clip of that concert below. 

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