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Published: Dec 31, 2007
Picture Of Fergie Pee Pants Stain On Stage
by Tashi Singh

Fergie Pee Pants - Stacy Ann Ferguson, or better known as Fergie, has finally confessed that the "sweat stain" she had on her crotch during a 2005 concert was really her urine!

After striking a sexy pose for this month's cover of Blender magazine, she revealed the truth about her most embarrassing moment during her interview. The Bosh has a photo of the cover here.

That's a far cry from the photos that popped up on the Internet in late 2005 showing the singer performing with a wet crotch. 

The 32-year-old singer tells Blender: "You haven't had to go straight onstage after being late for a show, then jumped up and down while singing Let's Get Retarded. OK, motherf*cker?"

"I was late, so I didn't go to the restroom before I went onstage. It was horrible. But, whatever. It happened."

"It's like there's one or two things the public knows about every famous person…with me, everyone knows I wet my pants onstage and had a crystal-meth addiction; that sucks. You have to laugh."

Check out her photos here. A video report from Google Current is below.

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