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Published: Jan 31, 2008
The Miley Cyrus Underwear Pics Scandal: Miley Panties Photos Rated R
by Jack Ryan

More Miley Cyrus underwear photos are causing the young star quite a bit of grief. Miley Cyrus underwear pictures have with out a dobt, tarnished the young star of Hannah Montana.

The internet is ablaze over one particular photo. The one where she is pictured in a bra and panties.

One really has to wonder if Miley Cyrus is attempting to imitate some of the other Disney and Nickelodeon teen stars such as Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale.

The first scandal surrounded her sleepover photos and it has yet to be determined or revealed how those were leaked out.  The 15-year-old faced a storm of criticism after those pictures, which showed her rolling around on a hotel room floor and sharing a piece of candy with a friend.

Besides being leaked, they were deemed to have inappropriate sexual undertones.

Everyone really wants to believe that she is going rise above the rest and prove that you really can stay grounded, but it is becoming increasingly hard to believe in her with all of these photos that have begun to appear.

Does she really need to fuel the kind of thoughts and fantasies that young boys (and pervs for that matter) conjure up about her?

Lets just hope she doesn't morph into Britney.

Bitten & Bound has added some of the photos of Miley in her "compromising" positions on the next page.  Besides the bathtub photo there is one of her in underwear. I mean, you can see her nipple through the sports bra fo chrisakes.

Is she just playing around or simply playing with fire? More here.

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