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Published: Feb 13, 2008
Video: USS Nimitz Buzzed By Russian Bear TU-95 Bombers
by Jack Ryan

Russian Tupolev 95 Bombers Buzz Carrier Nimitz - U.S. F/A-18 fighter planes intercepted two Russian bombers flying unusually close
USS Nimitz <small>STRIDE/AFP/Getty Images</small>
USS Nimitz STRIDE/AFP/Getty Images
to American aircraft carrier USS Nimitz in the western Pacific during the weekend, The Associated Press reported.

See a larger photo of the Nimitz here.

According to the report, a U.S. military official said that A pair of Russian TU-95 Bear bombers overflew the aircraft carrier in the western Pacific at an altitude of 2,000 feet over the weekend.

One Tupolev 95 buzzed the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz twice, while another bomber circled about 50 nautical miles out. That prompted US fighter jets to scramble a US defense official  speaking on condition of anonymity said on Monday.

Japanese F-15 fighters had earlier scrambled to intercept another pair of Bear bombers, and escorted them out of the area, according to the National Terror Alert website.

This incident seems to come at a time when Russia is reviving their long-range air patrols which were once a standard feature of the Cold War.

It was the second time since July 2004 that a Russian Bear bomber has overflown a US aircraft carrier. That incident involved the USS Kitty Hawk in the Sea of Japan.

Video Report From CNN

Video On The TU 95 Below

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