Published: Feb 19, 2008
Rappers Webbie, Lil' Boosie Lawsuit Goes To Federal Courts
by Staff

Rappers Webbie and Lil' Boosie face criminal prosecution after a million dollar lawsuit was transferred to the federal courts.

Baltimore based promoter Ikon Entertainment is suing the pair for failing to show up for a scheduled performance in December 2006.

Webbie - real name Webster Gradney, Jr. - and Lil' Boosie - real name Torrance Hatch - are accused of neglecting their contractual obligations, with Ikon company bosses insisting they also failed to appear at the gig when it was rescheduled for January 2007.

Paul W. Gardner, lawyers for Ikon Entertainment's Tracye Stafford, slammed the entertainers' work ethics and urged the courts to punish the pair.

He tells Allhiphop.com, "The rappers and their management have acted deceitfully, and this is not an isolated incident. Some of them have this 'can't touch me' attitude, and the promoters are tired of it. They will be held accountable."

Stafford is seeking $1 million (£500,000) for direct and consequential damages, expenses, attorney's fees, plus interest and costs in the lawsuit, which also names Trill Entertainment and Asylum Records as defendants. (c) WENN

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