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Published: Apr 3, 2008
Photo: Shakira Sex Tape? Alejandro Sanz, Antonio De La Rua Threesome?
by Toshiba Reynolds

Everyone's favorite Latin pop star Shakira may have a sex tape - and not just an ordinary sex tape - a threesome with her boyfriend Antonio De La Rua and singer Alejandro Sanz!

Shakira, who is known for her sexy dance moves and unique sound, may have a sex tape out there with Sanz and her long-time boyfriend Antonio.

Some are claiming it is simply an  April Fool's Day prank. claims the rumor got started when Argentine Dj Javier Ceriani commented on a little Internet report on his Zona Cero radio show.

He said, "It's been said... there is a private video recorded on a yacht, one that could implicate Alejandro Sanz, Shakira and Antonio de la Rua."

He suggested the tape was in the hands of the courts.

Flisted dissagrees and dishes: Apparently there's more than one tape. The first one is Alejandro jacking off, drugs strewn on the table. And the second version is supposed to be a threesome between Shakira, Alejandro, and her boyfriend of many, many years Antonio de la Rua.

In a joint statement, the singers' representatives say, "This is a false rumour. This is totally absurd any way you look at it. There is no possibility that such a video exists. It is a baseless and malicious rumour."

Sanz and Shakira teamed up on the song La Tortura, and appeared together in the tune's steamy video.

Check out a photos of Shakira here and videos here.  We don't think Shakira's the 'type' to have a sex tape, or a threesome for that matter, but we have to report the rumor. What do you think?

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