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Published: Apr 5, 2008
Video: Shakira Sex Tape With Alejandro Sanz? "Blinding"
by Mike Baron

Everyone's favorite Latin pop star Shakira may really have a sex tape - and that sex tape, reportedly of Shakira having a threesome with her boyfriend Antonio De La Rua and singer Alejandro Sanz, is in "prosecutors' hands"!

Shakira, who is known for her sexy dance moves and unique sound, may have a sex tape out there with Sanz and her long-time boyfriend Antonio. Flisted dishes: Apparently there's more than one tape. The first one is Alejandro jacking off, drugs strewn on the table. And the second version is supposed to be a threesome between Shakira, Alejandro, and her boyfriend of many, many years Antonio de la Rua.

La Tortura!

Shakira's team and team Sanz have denied the existence of the tape.

Now reports are suggesting, according to AOL Musica, that the tape is being held by the prosecutors evaluating the case against Carlos González and his wife, Sylvia Alzate, Sanz ex-employees who are accused of extortion against the artist.

They report: In a recent interview, Javier Ceriani, host of the radio show "Zona Cero", said "there's word of a private videotaped in a yacht, which could involve Alejandro Sanz, Shakira and Antonio de la RĂşa, but this material is in the prosecutors' hands". He stated that, according to the prosecutor, "if some of this tape's content would be made public, it could seriously threaten the singer and couple's private life".

Oh crap! Also, the tape is rumored to have been made right around the time that Shakira and Sanz released 'La Tortura'. He had recently gotten a divorce and rumors were buzzing that Shakira cheated on - or left - her boyfriend De La Rua shortly after recording the steamy music video. Sources say: "The chemistry between them was blinding". Check it out below. (We also posted the remix).

Remix is below.
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