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Published: May 2, 2008
The Dirty.Com ASU Cheerleaders Racy Photos, Bra & Panties Lingerie!
by Jim Brogan

Arizona State University has cut their cheerleading squad after discovering racy, sexy photos of the squad girls on the internet.

Campus internet blog 'The Dirty' was where the cheerleaders had their racy photos posted, and 'dirty' is what those photos were!

Fox News reports: The school's athletic director, Lisa Love, made the decision Thursday evening.

The pictures on the blog feature 6 of the cheerleaders posing in nothing but their bras and panties. Although only six members of the squad are shown in the photographs, the entire 16-member squad will suffer the consequences.

The ASU cheerleaders claim the sexy photos were taken at a "cheer party" two years ago. Apparently, the photos were taken as a result of normal college-kid behavior.

Because of 6 girls stripping down to their underwear, 10 other girls will not be able to cheer.

Go here for a larger version of the above pic as well as other photos taken.


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