Published: May 9, 2008
Shauntel Mayo Photo: Convicted Of Operating Sex Club With Sibling Kids
by Mike Baron

TYLER, Texas -- It took a Smith County jury four minutes of deliberation to find Shauntel Mayo, an organizer of an East Texas swinger's club, guilty of forcing three young siblings and their underage aunt to perform sex acts for an audience.

Mayo, 29, (photo here) faces 20 years in prison for each count after being found guilty on charges that she forced three siblings, ages 7 through 10, to have sex with each other or perform sexual acts for club members who paid a fee to watch.

She also received a $10,000 fine each on two convictions of sexual per-formance of a child -- inducing the two children to engage in sexual conduct or performance.

In March, Mayo's 36-year-old boyfriend, Jamie Pittman, was also found guilty in four minutes. He was sentenced to life in prison after jurors deliberated for a mere two minutes.

During the trial, the children testified how Mayo and other defendants began instructing them at age 5 how to dance and perform sex acts. The adults collected money for the performances but paid the children in food. They were also given drugs, which the adults called "silly pills," to assist them in "performing."

According to the Tyler Morning-Telegraph, some jurors cried during testimony in Mayo's three-day trial.

Defendants in the case also include Dennis Boyd Pittman, and Patrick "Booger Red" Kelly, 41, all of Tyler; Shelia Darlene Sones, 48, Mineola; and Jimmy Dale Sones, 33, Brownsboro.

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