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Published: Jun 5, 2008
Maxi Mounds Photos, Strip Video: 36 MMM Breasts Weigh 40 Pounds!
by Mitch Marconi

A woman by the name of Maxi Mounds "loves big breasts" - and she holds the Guinness World Record for the biggest breasts in the world!

Maxi Mounds has the biggest breasts in the world at size 36 MMM, setting new boob-rival Sheyla Hershey and her breasts very far behind in her hopes to one day win the record.

Dlisted gushes: I could bounce on those beauties for eternity! Shit, I want to move up in there. The plumbing is probably better than my apartment and she won't even notice. Motorboating those things will end in suffocation. Maxi's chichis weigh around 20 pounds each and they are still growing thanks to the "polypropylene string" treatment. Metro UK reports that in 2000, she had her implants taken out and the pockets filled with plastic string. A solution was injected to make the breasts produce fluid and inflate. The procedure has since been banned in the United States.

Go here for 'Maxi in action on "Cristina"' a few years ago and for photos!

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