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Published: Jun 17, 2008
Jessica Simpson Loves Meat: Debunking Peta's Cruel Statement
by Toshiba Reynolds

Peta loves to shout their opposition to eating meat in everyone's ears as much as they possibly can - but no one better even think about doing the same.

Some people don't like Jessica Simpson - some people do. Some people like meat - some people don't. For these simple reasons, Peta should be ashamed for releasing this cruel statement after Jessica wore a t-shirt recently that proudly stated "Real girls eat meat":

"For a gal who's best known for her less-than-stellar brains (Chicken of the Sea, anyone?) and her ability to proportionately fill out daisy dukes, I'm gonna go on record saying that if anyone had to wear a ridiculous shirt like this, I'm glad it was Jessica-as people are more likely to follow the opposite of her lead ... ya know, since she's so well respected and all (yes, that was difficult to type without tossing in a hefty LOL). Maybe the meat-eaters of the world will be embarrassed to be categorized in the same field as Jessica Simpson."

Then Peta goes on to claim these Top 5 reasons why only "stupid girls brag about eating meat" - followed by my reasons for why THOSE reasons are stupid:

Peta says "Meat increases the risk of breast cancer." Yes and performing blow jobs (make sure you swallow!) will reduce your chances of breast cancer up to 40 percent! (Everyone knows these studies are all ridiculous!)

"Real girls don't support animal abuse." It's not abuse if you're following your religion or way of life that allows you to eat animals for food. It's not like eating to survive equates to throwing rocks at the animals, laughing menacingly.

"The meat industry is destroying the Earth." Well, if we think this way about everything, we wouldn't have anything. Not just pollution, but scientific studies, MTV, building cities or towns - just about everything we do is harmful! 

"Meat will make you fat." So will cookies, carbs and sugar - more so than meat. Besides, becoming fat may drastically lower your risk for breast cancer!

"Eating meat steals food from starving kids." So everyone who eats meat is responsible for starving children? What about the selfish, greedy people who have money to feed them - but don't? What about the money put towards mass production of pop-tarts or rice krispies? (which are horrible for you and, as far as I know, do not contain meat!) To blame meat-eaters for starving children is low and just plain stupid.

There are a million reasons both ways for eating or not eating meat - but it's your decision, not Peta's.

Besides, many are claiming that Peta is a scam!

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