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Published: Jun 26, 2008
Brooke Hogan On Daddy Hulk Butt Rub Photos: "What's Wrong With That?"
by Jim Brogan

Remember the photos taken of Hulk Hogan rubbing sun tan lotion all over his daughter Brooke Hogan's butt (being sure to get all the crevices)? Well, the singer says it's no biggie.

Brooke Hogan and her dad are awfully close - perhaps too close, in the minds of many, who think Brook and Hulk are just plain weird.

Brooke is just now responding to the photos of her father rubbing lotion on her ass - and she doesn't get what people are 'freaked out' over:

"I know I'm a grown woman, but it's like he's touching an old car."

"He used to change my diaper."

Our friends at TMZ quip: Old cars and diapers - again, not a grown woman's exposed butt, especially one that's as young and taut as girls you like to hook up with. Hulk hasn't explained the shots himself.

Check out the photos here - what do you think?

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