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Published: May 5, 2009
Hot Teen Crystal Wiski (Photo) Texts 300,000 Messages A Month
by Mitch Marconi

Texting, the new phenomenon in recent years, has helped keep many connected without bothering to call. Texting has introduced a whole new game to teens. Many grow to have an obsession with needing to stay in constant contact with one another. Texting has affected relationships, marriages, friendships, and crime.

One girl logs more than 300,000 text messages in one month. The girl's name is Crystal Wiski, and she owns Apple's illustrious iPhone. Crystal Wiski was quoted for saying "I am popular. I can't help it!" To make up 300,000 text messages a day Ksbw reported, "To put 303,000 text messages into perspective: that's more than 10,000 text messages a day, 421 messages an hour and seven texts a minute."

She also holds down a 40-hour-a-week job and does decently in school according to reports. Her brother though is nowhere near as insane as her clocking in at only 3,000 texts a month. (c) tPC

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