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Published: Jul 11, 2008
Pamela Rogers Strip Tease Video, Photo: "Sexy" Rapist Teacher MySpace
by Mike Baron

Pamela Rogers Turner, a former teacher who pleaded "no contest" to having sex, including oral sex, with a 13-year-old student, no longer has a MySpace.

The MySpace page belonging to former elementary school teacher and registered sex offender Pamela Rogers Turner now reads, "This profile no longer exists".

The 30-year-old rapist had a MySpace Profile that was likely removed because of its content, including photos of naked women and Pamela performing a strip tease on video.

WorldNetDaily exclusively reports: The page said "Pamela" is a former teacher who is looking to make a new name for herself in the entertainment industry. When WND contacted a person claiming to be Rogers Turner through the profile, she spoke about pursuing her new career and pictures she had taken in provocative poses.

The person said: "Well I have some sexy teacher photos of me that were done recently."

"They are of me in lingerie by a desk with blackboard in back etc. I'm just real confused on where to go with all this."

The person later expressed no interest in an interview: "No I would rather not do a whole life story right now … not ready...probably never will anyways."

WorldNetDaily has a photo of Pamela and more details here! Also - alleged strip tease video is below. For more info on this - including photos and Pamela's Myspace, go here. For a larger image of the photo above, go here.

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