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Published: Jan 25, 2010
Taliban Kill Suspected American Spies
by Staff

Pakistani Taliban militants in the tribal regions along the Afghan border killed seven tribal leaders for allegedly spying for the Americans, officials said.

Security officials in Miran Shah, a main city in North Waziristan, said they found five tribesmen dead with handwritten notes linking the men to U.S. operations, Pakistan's Dawn newspaper reports.

"Whosoever spied for America will face the same fate," the note read. Two other tribesmen were found nearby with similar warnings.

North Waziristan neighbors the Afghan province of Khost, where a Jordanian agent of al-Qaida killed seven U.S. intelligence officers Dec. 30.

U.S. missile strikes from unmanned drones wounded Pakistani Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud in a Jan. 14 strike in North Waziristan.

Militants have responded to U.S. military strikes in the region by killing key tribal leaders and local government officials, accusing them of acting as American spies.

Pakistani forces launched a major military operation into the tribal regions in October. The effort brought the praise of the U.S. government, which faced scrutiny from Islamabad because of U.S. airstrikes inside Pakistani territory.

U.S. Defense Robert Gates in an unscheduled trip to Islamabad last week told Pakistani military officials they could expect the delivery of U.S. drones, but the type used are not equipped with missile technology. (c) UPI

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