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Published: Jul 17, 2008
Sexy Alyssa Milano Vows To Stop Dating Baseball Players
by Anna Elizabeth Anderson

Alyssa Milano is a former child star, a current sex symbol, and a serial dater of some of the top pitchers in Major League Baseball. But now the New York-born buxom brunette has vowed she's done getting involved with baseball players.

"They are grown men playing a little boy's sport," Alyssa stated, "That makes them childish."

So, after a dating file that includes Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Brad Penny, San Francisco Giants pitcher Barry Zito, New York Yankees pitcher Carl Pavano and Atlanta Braves star Tom Glavine, Alyssa says she going to date more mature men,  like her current mystery beau, known only as "David".

The actress, who has designed a range of Major League Baseball-approved sportswear and has her own baseball blog, admits she's such a huge fan of the sport, she dreams up game scenarios when she's trying to get to sleep.

The adds, "My stress reliever is usually baseball. In fact, sometimes when I can't sleep - because my mind is racing - I close my eyes and think about being at the stadium. I create game-winning situations.

"I think of the sound of the bat cracking. And you know what? It usually works."

In order to get over her penchant for chasing pennant chasers, Alyssa had a great week. She was in New York for the MLB All Star Game at Yankee Stadium. Whoops.

Photos of the gorgeous actress in a sexy black dress can be found here.

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