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Published: Jul 22, 2008
Photo: Porn Star Belladonna Offers Pope Benedict XVI Sex Abuse Advice
by Mark Watson

One of porn's most legendary hardcore performers, the gorgeous and raunchy "Belladonna" on tour in Australia to promote her own production company's XXX DVD releases,
has caused a major sensation in the Land Down Under with her articulate argument that Catholic priests need more "street-level" sex education to prevent abuse cases.

The 27-year-old porn veteran and award winning director/producer, known for her multiple-partner and anal sex scenes, has publicly called for Pope Benedict XVI to allow priests to watch porn.

And while the media in Australia first laughed off Belladonna's statements as publicity ploys, slowly but surely that very same media is now starting to take notice that Belladonna has a compelling argument to present.

The Church is in the midst of celebrating World Youth Day at the same time it is fending off criticism over the way it has handled sex abuse claims. But just as the World Youth Day Celebrations end in Australia, the Sydney Sexpo kicks off kick off. The adult-themed convention has become a major annual event in the major metropolis, and Belladonna has become one of its most successful entrepreneurs.

"The Pope has indicated he might apologize to victims of sexual abuse and that is a positive thing to do," Belladonna told the media, "but unless he follows up with some practical advice that addresses the sexual needs and desires of clergy, the problem will simply continue. Church clergy are at a crisis because they get no real street-level sex education but are expected to ply the streets to deliver their spiritual message."

She claims priests need to know how to distinguish a sexual fetish or fantasy from real-life sex, and has  offered 300 of her own films to the Catholic church in Australia for distribution to priests.

The entrepreneurial Belladonna, who set XXX records with the "Jenna Loves Belladonna" DVD released with Jenna Jameson's "Club Jenna" company, has even offered to donate some of her own time to help set up a "meaningful set of exercises for priests to help them deal with sexual tension and stress". Now that would be a best selling DVD.

More on Bella Donna in Australia available here.

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