Published: Sep 2, 2008
Photo Of Giant Afghan Spider, Dog Killed By Stowaway Arachnid
by Mitch Marconi

Afghan spider missing - A British soldier returning home from service in Afghanistan apparently, and unknowingly, brought home a dangerous Afghan spider (camel spider) in his luggage.

The family dog Cassie fled the area of the spider's last known location whimpering. Shortly thereafter, the dog died.

Lorraine Griffiths, 37, and her family have left their four bedroom house in Colchester, Essex, after the camel spider killed the families beloved pet dog Bella.

The Griffiths's do not believe the death and the encounter with the camel spider are mere coincidence. They are refusing to return to the property until the killer spider is captured by the RSPCA.

Lorraine Griffiths believes the spider hitched a ride into the U.K. in the personal belongings of her husband Rodney, 32, who came home from duty in Helmand in June.

Found in desert regions, camel spiders can grow up to 6 inches and reach speeds of up to 10 mph, making them difficult to catch.

While not normally deadly to humans, the bite of the Afghan spider can be lethal to small animals.

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